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Yard Waste Program

Report My Yard Waste

What We Do

The Bryant Yard Waste Program is our program to clean up our stormwater drains and keep our ditches clean without burning. We pick up yard waste every Tuesday off the curb fo your house at least five feet away from mailboxes, light poles, etc.

Want to tell the city your yard waste is ready? Report Your Yard Waste

This service is for Bryant Residential Customers Only, commercial or landscape companies are not allowed (commercial cut trees as well).

How To Get It Picked Up

To use this service set your items curbside at least five feet away from mailboxes, light poles etc. and not under any wires or low hanging trees. Then notify the city from this link to come and pick up your yard waste.

What We Pick Up

  1. Shrubs
  2. Rootballs with no dirt
  3. Branches & Trees (less than 6ft long)
  4. Leaves and Grass Trimmings (Must be in paper bags)

What We Don't Pick Up

  1. Dirt
  2. Lumber
  3. Treated Wood
  4. Rocks

I Received a Non-Collection Notice

If you received a "Non-Collection Notice" sticker on your yard waste please check to make sure your items match what we pick up. The sticker will also notify you of why we could not pick up your waste so please make sure to check that. If you have any questions contact the Bryant Public Works Department at (501) 943-0468