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Bryant City Transparency

Every year, Access Arkansas publishes the County and City Web Transparency Report. Our goal is a perfect score in each of their three categories - Fiscal, Administrative, and Politcal.

Download the Report Here

Fiscal Transparency

City Budget
Current Budget
Previous Year's Budget
Two Year's Prior Budget
Three Year's Prior Budget
Other Previous Budgets

City Audit
Current Audit
Previous Year's Audit
Two Year's Prior Audit
Three Year's Prior Audit
Other Previous Audits

Fees & Taxes
• County Fees
• Property Tax Rates
• General Sales Tax Rates
• Special Sales Tax Rates
• County Fees and Taxes

Administrative Transparency

Public Records
FOIA Request Contact Person
FOIA Request Contact Information
• FOIA Request Forms
Court records

Government Contracts
Current RFPs
Archived RFPs
Current year bids and bid winners
Archived bids and bid winners

Job Titles
Position Descriptions

Political Transparency

City Council
Meeting Notice
Meeting Agendas
• Meeting Minutes
Archived Videos

Elected Officials’ Contact Information and Duties
Council Members
Elected Officials
Job Duties

Elected officials’ financial disclosures, conflict of interest statements, and salaries
• Financial Disclosures