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Welcome to Bryant, Arkansas.  Here you will find a world-class school district with a booming economy to match. Whether you’re here for a long time or just passing through we hope you enjoy your stay.

Due to an internal review of rate ordinances, the City will now be charging customers receiving sewer services to locations outside of the City limits double the prevailing minimum charge. There will be no change to the excess of 2,000 gallon usage rate. This has been in rate ordinances since 2011. Per ordinance 2021-07, the minimum sewer charge is $19.89, and outside city limit customers will now be charged a minimum charge of $39.78. Please be advised that this is NOT a new charge, and the City is following the ordinance that was established in 2021.

Upcoming Events & Meetings

Bryant Water/Wastewater Committee

Event Details
Date: 06/06/2023 - 06/06/2023 Time: 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Bryant Water/Wastewater Committee


Meet the People

Allen Scott staff photo

Allen Scott


Ashley Clancy staff photo

Ashley Clancy

City Attorney

Mark Smith staff photo

Mark Smith

City Clerk

Lisa Meyer staff photo

Lisa Meyer

Ward 1 Council Member

Wade Permenter staff photo

Wade Permenter

Ward 1 Council Member

Jon Martin staff photo

Jon Martin

Ward 2 Council Member

Star Henson staff photo

Star Henson

Ward 2 Council Member

Jordan O'Roark staff photo

Jordan O'Roark

Ward 4 Council Member

Rob Roedel staff photo

Rob Roedel

Ward 3 Council Member

Jason Brown staff photo

Jason Brown

Ward 3 Council Member

Jack Moseley staff photo

Jack Moseley

Ward 4 Council Member

Jordan Reynolds staff photo

Jordan Reynolds

Communications Coordinator/Mayor's Assistant

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