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Alcoa 40 Park

Location: 1110 Shobe Road, Bryant, Arkansas

Acreage: 40 acres

Facilities: Two existing softball fields, one football/multipurpose field with field lighting, bathrooms, bridge, parking lot, fencing, dugouts, press boxes, bleachers for football/soccer/multipurpose field. A new pavilion is coming in 2022. Home of the Bark Park Dog Park!


In 1978, Alcoa Park was donated to the city by the Aluminum Company of America. The department received an Outdoor and Recreation Grant in 1997 to continue development of this property that included fencing, backstop, dugouts, bleacher, player dugout benches, lighting and asphalt walkways to the fields. The parks department built a bridge in the park to assist with navigation between the fields. In 2000, the department received an additional Outdoor and Recreation Grant to construct the lighted football/soccer/multipurpose field, walkways, moveable goal posts, fencing, bleachers, and benches.

Ashley Park

Location: 400 S.W. 3rd Street, Bryant, Arkansas

Acreage: 6 acres

Facilities: Three baseball fields, playground, restrooms, covered pavilion.


Ashley Park was the first park to open in Bryant. It was named for Conway Ashley, who served as mayor in 1946. According to Bryant resident, Ted Boswell, the area had consisted of merely baseball fields. When the owners decided to sell the land, Conway Ashley joined together with Dean Boswell Sr., Leon H. Sullivan and Glenn Rapier to purchase the land. The land was then donated to the City. Area residents donated the bleachers and the land was converted into a park. In 1958, the city’s first folk festival was organized at the park. A $1,000 profit was made from the event. Later, a tennis court, wading pool, and a new youth center were constructed. The youth in the town raised $450 of the $900 cost.

Bark Park

Location: 1110 Shobe Road, Bryant, Arkansas

Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset. The Park has an area for dogs 25 pounds and over, as well as an area for dogs under 25 pounds.


Dog Parks are areas designated for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their human family. These large, fenced-in parks provide regular socialization for dogs both with other dogs and new people, teach isolated dogs (those living in 1-dog households) valuable communication skills, and allow canines to run off some of that excess pent-up energy that would normally be expressed doing the “job” their specific breed was intended to do!

By entering the Bark Park, users acknowledge and agree to comply with all the rules, regulations and ordinances pertaining to the Bark Park.

To keep the Bark park safe for all to enjoy, please adhere to the following RULES:
  1. Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the park, and leashes must be quickly accessible while in the park.
  2. Never open the outer and inner gates at the same time.
  3. Small dog area is limited to dogs 25 pounds or less./li>
  4. Users bringing dogs under 25 pounds in the large dog area, do so at their own risk.
  5. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Do not allow children to play with other people’s dogs, or run or chase after dogs.
  7. Limit of 3 dogs per person.
  8. All dogs must be vaccinated, and wear a collar with at least one visible ID tag.
  9. Users must collect their dogs’ waste and place it in the waste receptacles.
  10. Do not allow dogs to jump on other people or dogs.
  11. Keep dogs in sight and responsive to your voice at all times.
  12. Refill holes made by your dog.
  13. No other animals or use of the park is permitted.
  14. The City of Bryant is not liable for any injury or damage occurring at the Bark Park.


  1. Aggressive Dogs
  2. Children under 6 years of age
  3. Dogs in heat
  4. Puppies under 4 months of age
  5. Sick or Injured dogs
  6. Glass Containers
  7. Human or Dog Food (Bite-sized dog treats are permitted but must be used with caution.)
  8. Bicycles, skateboards, or motorized vehicles (except those used for disability assistance.)
  9. Tobacco products, alcohol or drugs

All of these things make for better behaved dogs, decrease the likelihood of dog-to-dog aggression, as well as reduce dog bites, which makes for a safer community.

Who to call if you encounter or see a problem:

To report maintenance needs CLICK HERE.

To report animal problems, contact Bryant Animal Control at (501) 943-0943.

Bishop Park

Bishop Park Trails (Proposed)

Location: 6401 Boone Road, Bryant, Arkansas

Acreage: 106 acres

Facilities: Nine baseball fields, six softball fields, two football/soccer/multipurpose fields, an indoor aquatic facility with a retractable roof, outdoor splash pad, two ponds, disc golf course, community center, Boys & Girls Club, Senior Activity Center, and natural walking trail.


Classes: Lifeguard certification, adult basketball, adult flag football, adult kickball, adult swim lessons, adult volleyball, youth basketball, BASS swim program, beginner boot camp, regular boot camp, deep water aerobics, water aerobics, mom and me swim class, swim school levels 1-6, youth volleyball, yoga, Silver Sneaker and Silver Splash fitness programs.

History: In July 2006, Bryant residents passed tax initiatives to fund the complex. A 1/8-cent sales tax will finance the operation and maintenance of the complex and all city parks. In April 2007, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to begin the construction of the facilities. The park includes nine baseball fields, six softball fields, two multipurpose/full-sized soccer fields, irrigation system, backstops, lighting systems turned on and off via satellite, press boxes, two ponds, two pools surrounded by glass, concession stands and parking for up to 1,000 cars.

The Center is 75,000 square-feet which is also home to the Bryant Senior Activity Center and the Boys and Girls Club of Bryant. The Center features three regulation-size basketball courts, a large indoor cushioned walking trail, aerobics room, state-of-the-art work out fitness equipment, activity and service areas, a concession area, administrative offices, and storage rooms. There are also meeting rooms located throughout the facility.

The Aquatic Center is a 26,000-square-foot all glass facility with a retractable roof . It features an eight-lane, 25-yard, four-feet and six inch deep to 12-feet deep competition lap pool with a 1-meter diving board and touch pads; a 26-jet heated therapeutic pool with handicap accessibility railing, that ranges from two and half feet deep to five feet deep areas with bench seating; shower areas; a concession area; lifeguard area; numerous restrooms; and birthday party rooms.

In 2012, the department opened a splash pad facility at Bishop Park. This facility is a no-depth, concrete slab which makes it beneficial for youth. The splash pad has a pavilion, picnic area, and multiple spray and bucket features.

Midland Park

Location: 3865 Midland, Bryant, Arkansas

Acreage: 40 acres

Facilities: Four soccer fields, concession building, restroom, sport-field lighting, and paved parking.


The property was purchased in January of 2004. The parks department cleared off piles of debris located throughout the property. In 2005, excavation work, application of topsoil, leveling, and the installation of sod were completed. In 2007, construction began on the new amenities. These amenities include youth soccer fields, landscaping, state-of-the-art and environment friendly sports lighting, a paved parking lot with 200 parking spots and a concession building that includes restrooms, a meeting room, and a pavilion. The official grand opening was held in March 2008. That same year, the park was named “Arkansas Recreation and Park Association Facility of the Year.”

Mills Park

Mills Park Nature Trail

Location: 1003 Mills Park Road, Bryant, Arkansas

Acreage: 80 acres

Facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, concession building, maintenance building (pool), restrooms, three pavilions, playground, outdoor basketball court, outdoor tennis courts, a walking trail, and a biking trail.


In 1971, Reynolds Metal, a mining company, dedicated an 80-acre park to Bryant. The efforts of Warren Bass, Mayor Dean Boswell, Jr., Wesley Brown, and Congressman Wilbur Mills made the park a reality. The park was named after Congressman Mills. Improvements such as double tennis courts, showers for the swimming pool, a riding area, and a pavilion were then planned. Everything but the pavilion was completed by 1973. In 1968, John Odom established the first riding club in Bryant. He later broadened his riding areas to Mills Park. In addition to riding areas, a walkway with endangered plants showcased alongside it was added. Throughout the years, volunteers have helped to make Mills Park what it is today.

Springhill Park

Location: 2110 Binder Street, Bryant, Arkansas

Acreage: Less than 1/2 an acre

Facilities: Playground, one pavilion, paved parking.


Springhill Manor Park was donated to the city in 1999. This park has a pavilion, playground, and 4 paved parking spaces.