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The Bryant Police School Resource Officer (SRO)

The Bryant Police School Resource Officer (SRO) is a collaborated effort between the Bryant Police Department and the Bryant School District. The Vision of the Bryant Police SRO is to support the need for safe schools and a safe learning environment for students and staff of the Bryant School District. To serve as informal counselors and mentors to the students.

Our mission to support this need is accomplished by enhancing education to the students, parents and faculty concerning the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug issues, violence diffusion, violence prevention, crime prevention, and safety issues in the school community. Gather information regarding potential problems such as criminal activity, gang activity, student unrest, and identify particular individuals who may be a disruptive influence to the school and/or students, working with the Bryant School District to resolve the situation. In addition, to take steps appropriate and consistent with a law enforcement officer’s duty when a crime occurs. Keeping this in mind, our goal is not to “criminalize” students, but acting in the spirit of the law, our SRO’s try divergence programs and refer students and their families to the appropriate agencies for assistance when a need is otherwise determined by connecting them with family services.