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The 911 Center

The Bryant Police 911 Center, are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional service to the citizens of Bryant and to the Police, Fire, and EMS personnel that serve and protect our city daily. We recognize the need for human compassion and will treat each individual with equality, respect, and dignity. With continued education and commitment to excellence, we can help save lives, protect property, and proudly know that we made a difference.

Staff & Facility

The 911 Center is housed inside a state-of-the-art secure facility located at the Police Department. The room is designed to be Tornado Safe Room; this means that during severe weather our 911 Dispatchers are not only safe but also it ensures their ability to continue assisting our Citizens and First Responders during the severe weather. Currently we have 8 full time Dispatchers and 3 part time. We are a 24-hour facility and handle 911 calls and radio traffic for Bryant Police, Fire, and EMS.