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Raintree Acres and Shobe Road Drainage Project

DATES: Mar 23, 2022 - Dec 07, 2022

3/7/2022 Storm drain and boxes are being replaced due to damage or restriction in the pipe creating pipe failure.  No road construction should be needed. Construction has started. 

Project Updates


DATE: Dec 07, 2022


DATE: Dec 07, 2022

Pattywood water outage scheduled

DATE: Sep 27, 2022

Water in your neighborhood will be shut off for necessary repairs between 

 Thursday 9/29/2022  9 AM – 1 PM  On

                Once the repair is made, Water crews will flush fire hydrants in the area to help clear discolored water. Water contains minerals and these minerals react with the inside of the pipe to produce the mineral silt and discoloration. The chemical reaction between the pipe and water is a normal and natural process. 

This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water; it does not affect the taste or water quality. There is no health hazard associated with discolored water. It is recommended that water users wait until the water has cleared before using it for potable purposes.

If you encounter discolored water when the water service is restored, turn the water off and wait several minutes. DO NOT RUN HOT WATER until the cold water runs clear. 

After waiting several minutes check the clarity of cold water for a few minutes allowing new water to work its way into your pipes. Wait a few more minutes and check again. To verify the water has settled, allow your cold water tap to run a few minutes.  

It may take a few hours for the discoloration to dissipate. If the discoloration persists for more than twenty-four (24) hours, please contact our Water Distribution Division at (501) 943-0469.

Work is moving forward

DATE: Jun 07, 2022

The Pattywood portion of this project is as follows: Watermain relocation is underway. That leg of the project should be complete around the week of 6/13/22. The next step will be service line locations where they cross under the road. 

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Engineering Dept. Daran Robertson

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