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Bryant Parkway Project

DATES: Feb 21, 2022 - Jun 29, 2023

2022 - Union Pacific gives design approval

2022 -  Waiting on official approval from FAA.  Initial conversations indicate we will move forward soon. 

2021 - Final Public Hearing held for Route B (Shobe to Reynolds Road) 

2021- Saline County Regional Airport Commission gives approval for Alternate Route B for Project 2 (Shobe to Reynolds Road)

2020 - Request still pending to FAA for approval of Project 2 (Shobe to Reynolds Road) 

2019 - Paving and construction Complete for Project 1-Road Opens (I-30 to Shobe) 

2019 - Approval Request sent to FAA for approval of Project 2 (Shobe to Reynolds Road) 

2017 - Earthwork begins for Project 1(I-30 to Shobe)

2017 -  Garver Issues 60% Plans and Utility Adjustments for "Project 1"  Interstate 30 to Shobe Road

2016 -  Garver Engineering was selected to oversee the design of the project.

2016 - Voters approve bond re-financing.  The Bryant Parkway North/South connector was the only street project on the list of approved projects by the voters for this refinancing.  

Project Updates


DATE: Apr 20, 2022

4/20/2022 The City plans to start accepting bids for the project around the last week of April or the First week of May.

Bryant Parkway Receives Final FAA Approval

DATE: Mar 25, 2022


Date 03/17/2022

Bryant Parkway Flies Through Final Approval 

The City of Bryant received the official approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and notice that they have released the Land from Federal Obligations allowing the final stages of the southern portion of Bryant Parkway to begin moving forward.  

This approval was the last notice needed as Garver and City Engineer Ted Taylor set the anticipated timeline for this project to go out to bid.  Other milestones that have recently been completed include:

  • City, County, and Saline County Airport Commission have approved the terms of the Land Sale

  • City is scheduled to purchase the Right-of-Way from Saline County in April 2022 (tentatively)

  • Utility Relocations are underway

  • City has signed a right-of-way agreement with Union Pacific for the new bridge over the Railroad

  • Final Plans are complete and the Request to Advertise is being submitted to ARDOT this week. 

  • Bid Opening is planned for May 2022

  • Construction is planned to begin in June 2022


The city will share the bid information through our website as well as normal local publications. Contractors can go to www.cityofbryant.com and sign up under the resources tab to be notified when the RFP is published. 

“We appreciate the partnership and commitment from the FAA, Judge Jeff Arey, and the Saline County Regional Airport Commission to assist the city in this approval process, '' states Mayor Allen Scott. 

Other notable milestones for this project include Bryant receiving three federal grants totaling 7 million dollars through Metroplan, the Environmental Clearance of the Parkway project from FHWA, approval from Alcoa on the terms of the land sale, and Fema approval of the proposed Bridge over Crooked Creek. 

Bryant residents can sign up for future project updates for Bryant Parkway by going to www.cityofbryant.com and clicking on the Community Engagement tab.  For more information regarding this press release please contact the mayor’s office at 501-943-0302.

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