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Request for Qualifications: Real Estate Agent Professional Services to the City of Bryant, Arkansas

Bid Contact Information

Name: Ted Taylor

Email: ttaylor@cityofbryant.com

Bid Information

Notice is hereby given that the City of Bryant, Arkansas is seeking statements of qualifications from qualified firms for real estate agent professional services:

    1.    Real estate agent services, services being sought include, but are not limited to:

a.    negotiation of right of way, contracting purchase of right of way, negotiation and contracting on behalf of the City of Bryant for sale of and purchasing land and facilities, and other agent services commonly associated with real estate agent services.

b.    managing title services as part of a third party contract.

The work for the above listed professional service may include all types of services commonly provided in the respective area of such professional services as may be directed by the City of Bryant.

The City will evaluate the statements of qualifications for services that may be needed in fiscal years 2024-2026.

    1.    Responding firms should identify clearly the professional service for which they are applying, by

stating that it is submitting for the Real Estate Agent.” Responding firms are requested to provide along with any other information the Firm feels is relevant for consideration, but must include the following in their response:

  1. A statement of qualifications and performance data stating the types of projects similar to the one listed for professional service to which the responding firm is submitting its qualifications;

  2. Qualifications showing specialized experience and technical competence in similar work;

  3. A statement addressing the responding Firms capacity and capability to perform the work within time limitations;

  4. Past record of performance of the firm with respect to factors such as cost control, work quality, the firms proximity to and familiarity with the area in which the project is located;

  5. A company brochure or letter addressing the Firms general information on the firm and a resume of key personnel to be assigned to the projects.

All responses should be addressed to:

City of Bryant

Real Estate Services RFQ Response

Attn: Ted Taylor

210 S.W. 3rd Street 
Bryant, AR 72022

One original signed, one electronic, and Five (5) copies of responses must be received no later than 2:00 p.m. (CST) on Monday, July 29, 2024. Any responses received after this deadline will not be considered.

All statements of qualifications will be kept on record during fiscal years 2024-2026. When projects are initiated, the City of Bryant will use the submitted information to select qualified firms; it will select the best qualified from that list and then commence contract negotiations with the selected firm. At the Citys option, it may seek proposals for a particular project from one or more of the selected firms to aid in the selection process.

The City of Bryant encourages participation of small, minority, and woman own business enterprises in the procurement of goods, services, professional services, and construction, either as a general contractor or as subcontractor. It is further requested that whenever possible, majority contractors who require sub-contractors, seek qualified small, minority, and woman businesses to partner with them.

Additional Questions may be addressed to:

City of Bryant

Ted Taylor 
501-943-0309 (office)