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Nov 05

Working Fire in the City With 3 Kids in Home SMOKE DETECTORS SAVED LIVES TODAY!

Posted on November 5, 2012 at 11:05 AM by Greg Thompson

Tue. Sep 25th 2012

Just before Dinner, Truck 32, Engine 14, 11 and Chief 80 responded to Lexington Circle for a reported house on fire with flames showing. Chief 80 advised while responding that smoke was visible a mile out. Chief 80 arrived with a 2 story house with heavy fire, with extension into the attic from first floor. T-32 arrived and prepared for attack, E-11 arrived and caught the plug, E-14 arrived and took the back up position. Truck 32 crew entered with heavy heat and low visibility and began knocking the first floor fire down, proceeding to the second floor. The fire began to vent Thur the roof when T-32 crew got up stairs and began knocking the fire. A great stop was done by the Truck Crew just before conditions deteriorated. Crews spent the next few hours overhauling and investigation. At the time of the fire, 3 kids were at home and safely exited the house. SMOKE DETECTORS SAVE LIVES!!!