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Sep 17

Bryant Water

Posted on September 17, 2014 at 11:28 AM by The Mayors Office


Just a few years ago, prior to 1990, the City of Bryant was a sleepy little town of about 4000 people.  Then the word got out, and we have been growing ever since.   Bryant is a great place to live, it is close to the metropolitan area where so many of our residents work….and the cost and quality of life are to be appreciated. Between 1990 and 2000 the population increased to almost 10,000. Today the estimated population is approaching 20,000. More people requires more water, which requires more water lines, water towers, and pump stations.  

Because of the rapid growth Bryant has had to invest a lot of time and effort and money in infrastructure improvements. More residential development has demanded the expansion of Bryant’s water and wastewater systems, to accommodate the growth.  In fact if our city leaders under the leadership of Mayor Boswell had not taken the steps to secure Bryant a water source in 1988 none of the growth we have seen would have been possible.  Cities are like plants they require water to grow.  

FACT: Did you know monies collected from water/wastewater customers can only be spent to support and maintain our water/wastewater infrastructure.  It is against the law to commingle these monies with any other city revenues.  The Bryant Water Department receives an annual independent audit to insure your water monies are being managed properly.  These audits are available online along with the monthly year to date financials.  

Bryant is nearing completion of some major water and wastewater construction improvements that included a new 2-million gallon elevated water tank, a new booster station to improve our ability to provide adequate water, and major improvements to the sewer treatment plant and collection system. Construction of a new 16” water main connecting to Central Arkansas Water will be complete in the near future. The new line will increase the amount of water that Bryant can pump by 2 million gallons a day. The projects, all part of a 20 year master plan, were financed with low interest loans provided by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission through its Water Resources Division.

The Water Resources Division of the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission performed the 2014 rate analysis for Bryant’s water and wastewater rates using information obtained from historical audits, financial statements and system usage data. The findings of the analyst indicate that Bryant needs only a modest rate increases in both water and wastewater.  Every effort was made to minimize the impact of the proposed rates.

Bryant purchases water wholesale from Central Arkansas Water(CAW). The wholesale rate has been going up little by little over the last three years and until now the water rates have been able to support the increases. In June, CAW announced wholesale rates will have another slight increase.

The combined water and wastewater  increase on the minimum bill is less than $3.00 a month spread out over a three year period. A customer using 4000 gallons would see a combined increase of about $5.00 a month spread out over a three year period.  Mayor Dabbs stated, “As much as I hate to report this necessary increase it is my hope that the water customers can understand why, and appreciate how small the increase is going to be spread out over a three year period.”  Our Water/Wastewater committee should be commended for their close oversight of this department and the department for operating efficiently and continuing to meet the growing demands of our city.” To view the most recent rate study you can go to