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Bryant City Council 
Bryant Fire Station Training Room
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6:00 PM
Space is extremely limited.  Residents can also watch
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Workshop Meeting Details

This informational workshop will be in person at the Fire Station Training Room located at Roya Lane.  The public is welcome to attend, however COVID guidelines will be in effect and the seating is limited.

If you are NOT planning on giving public comments after the discussion, we would like to suggest attending virtually via the link at the top of this agenda. 

The Bryant City Council will begin meeting in person for their regularly scheduled meetings starting March 30th.  When this item is placed back onto the agenda, we will have another round of public comments if you prefer to attend at that time.  That meeting will be held in its regular location.  









Water and Wastewater Adjustment Workshop

Contractors and Staff  attending to present or to answer questions by council:  Joy Black - City Finance Director,       Ted Taylor- City Engineer      Tim Fournier- Superindent- Public Works     Dan Jackson- Willdan Consulting    Craig Johnson-  Crist Engineers

1.  Introduction and Timeline Review: 
Throughout this timeline process, the Bryant Water and Wastewater Committee researched and worked through these reviews during regular meetings prior to approving and moving them forward for city council review.  This timeline does not reflect those meetings, only the city council portion. 
  • August 2020 - First Water and Wastewater Rate Adjustment Review given to Council.  Due to an error in the 2017 review council requested a second opinion of this years review to be conducted by a second contractor.
  • November 2020 - Second Water and Wastewater Rate Adjustment Review presented to the city council.  Council Member Hawk requested to ask CAW to attend a council meeting to present the city options around them taking over the Bryant Water System. No decision was made by council on rate adjustments.
  • December 2020-  The city council approved the Bryant 2021 City budget.  The budget portion for the Bryant Water and Wastewater department was based on the new recommended adjustment pricing to the water and wastewater department billing.
  • January 2021-  The Water and Wastewater Rate Adjustment was brought forward to the Bryant City Council again for approval.  No decision was made, and a workshop requested.  Councilmember Hawk placed a second request for us ask CAW to present to council. We agreed to contact CAW and to also seek other alternatives. These options will be brought forward once a decision is made on the existing rate study for council to review and research.  These are long term possible solutions that can not realistically impact the current rate study recommendations and require strong public support to move forward with. 
  • February 2021- The city's current water rates are not covering payroll or essential service without departmental modifications to planned work.  The city council approved moving $900,000.00 from the city's depreciation fund in our savings reserves to help cover the budget deficit, but this still leaves us falling behind on our required repairs to the city wastewater system.  If an adjustment is not approved, these repairs can not move forward without another budget adjustment or other city projects being de-funded to cover the cost. 
  • March 11th- 2021-- Budget Workshop with Bryant City Council for the city to provide all information council will need to make rate adjustment during the March council meeting at the request of the Finance Director and Public Works Department.  
2.  Consent Action Order History and Review -- Craig Johnson , Crist Engineers

3.  Water and Wastewater Presentation Review-  Joy Black

4.  Answer any questions by Council from the Panel

5.  Conclude and Close 

Frequently Asked Questions - Water Wastewater Rate Adjusments


  • Public Comments should be limited the three (3) minutes per speaker 



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Bryant. AR 72022