City Budget

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The City budget is prepared by the mayor, department heads, finance director, and staff. It is then presented to city council at the end of each calendar year and is passed by resolution for the upcoming year.



The budgeting process actually begins early fall. City staff begin meeting with the finance director to establish the financial needs for their departments for the upcoming year.  Once this process has been completed, workshops are then held with the city council to present the requests. These meetings are all open to the public. City Council then reviews and begins working through any changes or adjustments they feel must be made to set a balanced budget for the upcoming year.


The purpose of the budget process is to evaluate and direct city departments, helping them make successful decisions in resource allocation, program evaluations, financial management, and long-range planning that best serves the citizens of Bryant.

For any questions please contact The City of Bryant Finance Department at 501-943-0999 option 9 or email us at

Click below for the adopted city budget.
City of Bryant AR, Budget Book 2021