How do we contact your Accounts Payable Department?

  • Finance@cityofbryant.com
  • 501-943-0999
  • Via Mail 210 SW 3rd Street Bryant, AR 72022

What are your office hours?

  • We are open 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

What are the Procurement bidding levels?

  • Goods costing less than $20,000.00 require a minimum of three quotes
  • Goods costing $20,000.00 or more must be placed for public bidding or have approval to waive competitive bidding from city council. 

What do vendors need to do to register as a vendor for the city

  • Vendors must complete a W9 form and mail it to our accounts payable department. 

How does the City advertise for goods or services?

  • The City advertises all bids through the City of Bryant Website along with any newspaper requirements, depending on the contract.
  • You can sign up for all bid notifications via the Notify Me button on the main screen of the city website. 

If a vendor has a question regarding the specifications or requirements, who can they ask for clarification?

  • Any question concerning the solicitation should be directed, in writing, to the person whose name and contact information is listed in the solicitation. Correspondence must include the solicitation number and reference the specific section in question. No verbal response or interpretation that constitutes a material change to the solicitation is binding, unless it is issued as a written addendum to the solicitation

What can a vendor do to help the payment process proceed more quickly?

  • Vendor should ensure that the PO number provided by the City is clearly indicated on the invoice.
  • Make sure shipment was sent to the correct address. They should note carefully the "Deliver To" address on the Purchase Order. The order number should be included on the outside of the package. 
  • The vendor should send an invoice for the complete order, not a partial one, and do this only after the full order has been received or the deliverables have been accepted. In general, the City does not pay partial invoices without prior arrangements being made. Invoices sent too early may become difficult to locate once the shipment arrives or the deliverables are met. Send the invoice to the correct address and include a City contact person if specified on the PO or in the contract. Include the correct PO number or Contract Number on the invoice. The City needs that identifying number to match shipments or services with the procurement documents.
  • All City expenditures require an Approved PO number to be listed on the invoice. Our PO numbers start with the current year ie. 2019000000 followed by six digits. Invoices without a PO listed will have their payment delayed.

Does the City accept electronic invoices?

  • Items will not be paid off of emails. All invoices need to be addressed to AP 210 SW 3rd Street Bryant, AR 72022. If a different arrangement is made with an individual department then please email this arrangement to the Finance Director at finance@cityofbryant.com and carbon the Department Head with whom you made the alternative arrangement.

What terms does the city pay by?

  • The City pays net thirty terms and per state statute as a city does not have to adhere or pay late charges based on any earlier terms stated on invoices. However, we try to process checks weekly on Thursdays and mail those checks the next day, Friday. If AP has an approved PO, the invoice has that PO number listed on it, that PO has been "Received" by the Department in our system then we do not hold the invoices until thirty days have passed. It will be processed then.