Bryant Advertising and Promotion Commission


From the Desk of Mayor Allen Scott


August 9th, 2018

On August 8th, 2019 the Bryant City Council held an emergency special meeting to dissolve the Bryant A&P Commission effective immediately and repeal the levying of gross receipts tax connected with the Advertising and Promotion tax. 

This decision to call the council meeting was made following a quickly called meeting by the A&P Commission held Monday night in which a decision was made for the commission to enter into a contract to purchase property located along the north side of the interstate service road for an amount of $645,000.00.

After that meeting, Mayor Scott received several phone calls from Bryant residents which caused some concern regarding the decision of the A&P Commission to purchase the property.  In a statement to council last night the mayor stated “In a previous council meeting, several members of the A&P were voted off and it is my belief that the council did this action to send a message to the A&P Commission to be more diligent and forthcoming in their operation. Based on this proposed property transaction, I do not think the A&P Commission heard this message” 

City Attorney Josh Farmer is continuing to navigate the council on the legalities of their decision, as well as how the disbursement of existing A&P funds should occur.  

For questions regarding this decision or process please contact the mayor’s office at 501-943-0302.

The city is continuing to accept requests for A&P funding as long the account remains with a balance.  To request funding for an event please complete the A&P Funding Request Form.