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Street Projects

Heart of Bryant Reynolds Road Improvements


  • Project Completed December 2018
  • Working through punch list on final project

Bryant Parkway: Interstate 30 to Shobe Road (Project 1)


  • Earthwork is to grade from Raymar Rd to Hunter Lee. Beginning grading from Hunter Lee to Shobe Road.  
  • Paving and construction is almost completed May 2019
  • Schedule:
  • Construction Start Date-In Progress May 2018

Bryant Parkway Shobe Road to Reynolds Road (Project 2)


  • Alternative B is currently being pursued as the preferred alternative after other route were disqualified. 
  • Airport Commission has agreed to Alternative B as the best alternative route.
  • The Airport has submitted their Master Plan Update to the FAA showing the area for Bryant Parkway as Non-Aeronautical use.  Once the FAA approves the Master Plan Update, a land release request can be submitted to the FAA for approval.
  • Preliminary Bridge Plans have been submited to Union Pacific Railroad for review.  
  • 90% Roadway and Bridge plans for Bryant Parkway from Shobe to south side of bridge are complete. Roadway plans are 60% complete.
  • Working with Saline County Airport to prepare the required Airport Layout Plan update, waiting on FAA approval. 
  • FEMA has approved the bridge across Crooked Creek
  • Union Pacific Railroad has issued preliminary approval of the bridge over the railroad.
  • Coordinating with Entergy to raise Transmission Lines where required.
  • Waiting on FAA approval to move forward. 


  • Topo Surveys                      Completed
  • Parcel Surveys                    Completed
  • 30% Submittal                     Completed
  • 60% Submittal                     In Progress
  • 90% Submittal                     January 2019
  • Final Submittal                     March 2019
  • Planned Construction Start  April 2019

(N) Bryant Parkway: Highway 5 to Hilldale Road


  • Township is nearing completion but still has to pave the shared use path, finish pouring driveways, and lay sod. 


  • Construction                              In Progress
  • Anticipated Completion             December 2018
  • Completed

Bryant Pkwy/Hilldale/Hillfarm Rd Intersection Improvements


  • Top Surveys Completed
  • Designs are 60% Complete


  • Design Surveys                     Completed 
  • 30% Submittal -in progress   Completed
  • 60% Submittal                      Completed
  • Final Submittal                      December 2019
  • Anticipated Completion        February 2020

Bryant Parkway/ Stagecoach Road Intersection Improvements

  • The City has engaged an engineering firm to create a temporary improvement design that includes signalization.  Once the design is complete ARDOT will need to approve.  The city plans to use surplus equipment to expedite this project as much as possible. 
  • 60% plans were submitted to ARDOT for review and ARDOT's response indicated that they will not allow a signal to be installed without widening HWY 5 to include left turn lanes.  They are also requiring that a permanent signal is installed as opposed to the temporary signal that was proposed.  Due to the high cost associated with these additional improvements, the city and Garver met with ARDOT to look for other solutions. 
  • ARDOT has a future widening project programmed on HWY 5 through this area, and after the meeting with ARDOT it was determined that ARDOT may be able to expedite the construction of the signal and the 5 lane section near this intersection.  Garver is assisting the city in drafting a letter to ARDOT to officially make the request to expedite this project. 

Hillfarm Road and Reynolds Intersection Improvement

  • Intersection Improvements are currently under-way (July 2019). Anticipated signalization is August 2019
  • August 26th Update : Signalization Complete
  • November 2019 Project Completion Anticipated

Springhill Road Turn Lane 

  • A concept layout was prepared and submitted to ARDOT since this is an ARDOT owned and maintained road.  ARDOT provided comments on the layout and the layout was revised to incorporate these comments
  • October revised layout resubmitted


Sidewalks at Elm Street and Third Street


  • 60% Construction Plans is complete
  • Design has been approved by city and will be submitted to ARDOT and Metroplan for review prior to moving forward with Final Design. 


  • Design Surveys                          Completed
  • 10% Submittal                            Completed
  • 60% Submittal                            Completed  
  • Final Submittal                           February 2019
  • Change Order                            May 2019
  • Construction                               Summer 2019
  • Project Completed  


Fire Station Project Summaries

Bryant Fire Department - Fire Training Facility

  • Design 80% Completed
  • Concrete poured and Construction Underway
  • Project is 90% Completed
  • Waiting on punch list to be completed. 


Parks and Recreation Projects Summaries

*Project designs and timelines are subject to change as projects progress.

Bishop Parking Lot and Landscaping


  • Goes out to Bid                         June 2018


  • City Council Approval                 June 2018
  • Work Begins                               August 2018
  • Anticipated Completion              December  2019  

Mills Parks All Inclusive Playground


  • Phase 1 Completed
  • Phase 2 -  Design Completed

Mills Park Trails Update 

  • Plans Submitted for Approval  

Ashley Park Renovation

  • Initial Design is Complete
  • Demolition is Complete
  • August 2019 Light Installation
  • Sept-Oct Fence Installation
  • December 2019 Re-Open

Bryant Dog Park-- Alcoa Park

  • Location -- Alcoa Park
  • Funding has been identified May 2019
  • Initial Design is complete
  • July 2019 Fencing Installed
  • August-Sept Amenities Installation Scheduled
  • October 2019 Grand Opening
  • Project Completed

Stormwater Project Link

Stormwater ProjectsWebsite Photo Water


Bryant School District

Bryant School Logo

Bryant School District Facilities Moving Forward

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