Bryant Police K9

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The Bryant Police K9 Program

 began in 2002 and is still active today. The role of the K9’s in our community increases at a rapid pace. Bryant Police Department’s current K9 team is K9 “Dutch” and his handler Officer Mark Kling, K9 "Enzo" and K9 "Mya" who's handler is Officer Chad Winkler. Our K9's are Belgian Malinois trained to perform multiple task. They are trained to detect narcotics, article recovery, tracking, and patrol situations. They have made several public appearances to educate the community on the many uses of K9’s in law enforcement. All of our K9's has become a valuable resource to the Police Department and has played a big part in keeping your community safe. 

K9 training is an ongoing process. K9’s, like many of your family pets, give everything they have. Each K9 receives different toys for different tasks and that is their “paycheck” for serving day in and day out. Dutch and Mya along with K9’s across the nation, play a more vital role in law enforcement than ever before. For more information contact the Bryant Police Department at 501 943-0943.