Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?
    The Bryant District Court is located in the Bryant City Hall building at 208 SW 3rd Street in Bryant. Please see our Directions page for a detailed map and directions.

  2. I got a ticket. Now what do I do?
    You will find your court date located on your citation. Some citations require a mandatory court appearance, so you will need to contact our office to determine if you are required to appear. For some citations, however, a court appearance is not mandatory if you pay your fine IN FULL. If you do not wish to pay your fine in full, if you would like to speak with the Court about your situation, or if you have a mandatory court appearance, you will need to appear before the Court on the date assigned on your citation.

  3. How much will my ticket cost?
  4. Citations are not immediately updated in our system, so we do not have access to fine amounts until our system updates. We are not allowed to estimate the amount an individual will owe, so please allow at least one week after you are issued your citations for our system to update before you inquire with our office about your fine.

  5. How do I pay tickets, fines, bond payments, etc?                                                                                                             The easiest way to pay monies owed to our Court is to pay them online Here. You can also pay in person at our office a 208  W 3rd Street in Bryant. Please remember, citations will not update immediately, so you will need to wait at least a one week before you try to pay it online or in our office.
  6. What forms of payment do you accept?
  7. We accept cash, local checks, cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The Time Pay program allows individuals with fines to pay those through a monthly payment plan rather than paying the entire amount at once. Each individual participating in the Time Pay program will be charged a Time Pay fee of $10 per month for each month their account is open. They will be given a Time Pay Agreement to explain payments and due dates when they come to court.

  8. What is Time Pay?
  9. All Time Pay payments must be paid within the month they are due. There is no specific due date. Participating individuals have from the first business day of the month to the last business day of the month to submit that month’s payment to the Court.