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From the Desk of Mayor Allen Scott


Date 02/12/2021

Mayor Scott Announces Formation of Community Engagement Committee

Mayor Allen Scott recently announced the formation of a Community Engagement Committee for the City of Bryant.  This committee aims to assist the city in its efforts to connect the wants and needs of the community to its city leadership.  

The committee will consist of nine (9) members, with two (2) members representing each ward and one (1) at large member of the community.  The city will designate liaisons within the various city departments and the Mayor’s office to work directly with committee members to strengthen communications and create an effective communication plan for future city projects and needs.

“Our staff works diligently to openly communicate with the residents of Bryant. Currently, we use social media platforms, television news stations, local newspapers, and even city newsletters to share relevant news and events with our community.  While these outlets have a large reach, they are not always effective in engaging our citizens to take active roles in the projects and ideas that impact their quality of life here in the city”, stated Mayor Allen Scott.  “In other words, we need to find a better way to connect to the people we serve.”

Mayor Scott adds, “The Community Engagement Committee will also assist the city in hearing any concerns and needs within the wards before they potentially become a larger challenge in the community.  We want to ensure we are creating an inclusive environment for our citizens and that all diverse cultures, and residents of all ages, are being represented and feeling heard.” 

Applications are now open for these volunteer committee positions.  If you live in Bryant and are interested in serving, complete our application by clicking HERE.