Wastewater Collection News

Wasterwater Collection News

New Sewer Force Main

Bryant Wastewater is getting ready to install a new 16” force main between Pump Station 25 (located on Midland Road just north of Highway 5) and Pump Station 5 (located on Evergreen Drive near Shobe Road). Funded with an existing low interest loan through Arkansas Natural Resources Commission and sewer revenue funds budgeted for the project, the force main will take some of the pressure off of Pump Station 10 and help resolve capacity issues.


Over the next few months some new technology is being installed incorporating all of the City’s thirty-five sewer pump stations. Department personnel can access each pump station with a computer or smart phone to respond to alarms from the stations, monitor the status of the pumps, monitor how much effluent is moving through any one station, and remotely turn pumps on and off. The remote access using specialized software allows personnel to respond rapidly to power failures, equipment failure or other issues that need to be resolved quickly.