Project Updates


Transportation Project Summaries

Street Projects

Heart of Bryant Reynolds Road Improvements


  • Construction Contract for JCI is ready to be executed following ARDOT Concurrence of Award


  • Final Plans Submitted:               August 2017
  • Expected ARDOT Approval:      September 2017
  • Planned Construction Date:       February 2018
  • Low Bid was JCI Construction 

Bryant Parkway: Interstate 30 to Shobe Road (Project 1)


  • Submitted 60 percent plans to City of Bryant and ARDOT
  • Proceeding with final plans and quantities
  • Setting up coordination meeting with utilities


  • Final Plans Submittal:              February 2018
  • Bid Opening Date:                    March 2018
  • Planned Construction Date:     April 2018

Bryant Parkway Shobe Road to Reynolds Road (Project 2)


  • In September the Saline County Airport Commission voted to select Alternative E as their preferred alternative route.  The Commission is drafting a letter of support. 
  • Once the letter of support is receive, Garver will continue coordination with the FAA -UPDATE Letter has been received -January 2018
  • Coordination has started with Josh Minton regarding the proposed Bryant Middle School. 


  • Feasibility Study Submittal:      October 2017
  • Planned Survey Start Date:      November 2017
  • Planned Design Start Date:      December 2017
  • Planned Construction Date:     January 2019 (from Feasibility Study)

(N) Bryant Parkway: Highway 5 to Hilldale Road


  • 60 percent Design and Cost Estimate Complete
  • Held Utility Coordination Meeting- Utility relocation proposals due on February 2nd. 
  • Environmental permitting process has begun 
  • Access Management plan is being revised to include Hwy 5 to Hilldale Rd.


  • 30 percent Plans Submittal:        September 2017
  • 60 percent Plans Submittal:        January 2018
  • Final Plans Submittal:                 February 2018
  • Planned Construction Date:       March 2018


Sidewalks at Elm Street and Third Street


  • Metroplan TAP grant for this project is currently in process of being combined with the ARDOT Tap grant which will allow both of these grants to be executed as one project. 


  • 30 percent Plans Submittal:           Three Months- Following Notice to Proceed 
  • 60 percent Plans Submittal:           Five  Months- Following Notice to Proceed
  • Final Plans Submittal:                     Eight Months- Following Notice to Proceed 
  • Planned Construction Start Date:   Nine Months- Following Notice to Proceed


Fire Station Project Summaries

Springhill Fire Station


  • Land Purchase Complete         September 2017
  • Goes out to Bid                         October 2017


  •  Bid Review Day                        November 9, 2017  
  • City Council Approval                November 2017
  • Construction Begins                  January 2018
  • Construction Complete              November 2018

Hill Farm Fire Station


  • Land Purchase Complete         September 2017
  • Goes out to Bid                         October 2017


  • Bid Review Day                         November 7, 2017
  • City Council Approval                November 2017
  • Construction Begins                  January 2018
  • Construction Complete              November 2018


Parks and Recreation Projects Summaries

*Project designs and timelines are subject to change as projects progress.

Mills Park Restroom Facility


  • Goes out to Bid                          February 2018


  • City Council Approval                February 2018
  • Construction Begins                  March 2018
  • Construction Complete              May 2018

Shade Structures Bishop Park


  • Received Council Approval      August 2017


  • Construction Begins                December 2017
  • Completion Date                       January 2018

New Grounds Building Bishop Park


  • Goes out to Bid                         February  2018


  • City Council Approval                February 2018
  • Construction Begins                  March 2018
  • Construction Complete             July 2018

New Park- North of Interstate


  • Land Purchase Completed- Approximately 40 acres west of Midland Park
  • Future plans include additional soccer fields along with walking and biking trails


  • To Be Announced

Bishop Center Remodel


  • Goes out to Bid                            April 2018


  • City Council Approval                   April 2018
  • Construction Begins                     July 2018
  • Construction Ends                        November 2018

Bishop Parking Lot and Landscaping


  • Goes out to Bid                         June 2018


  • City Council Approval                 June 2018
  • Work Begins                               August 2018
  • Work Completed                         October 2018  

Mills Parks All Inclusive Playground


  • Planning Completed


  • Playground Closure/Deconstruction  Update Coming Soon
  • Dirt Work and New Equipment     Update Coming Soon
  • Pour and Play Surface                 Update Coming Soon
  • Playground Reopens                   Update Coming Soon

Mills Park Trails Update

  • Info coming soon!      

Stormwater Project  Summaries

Stormwater Utlity fee put into action in 2017 for flood mitigation

Augusta Cove -  Completed 2017

Richland Park-  Stormwater improvement project 95% completed.

Cambridge Place-  Stormwater Review, Project start date pending. 

Stillman Loop/NW Forest Cove - To be completed in 2019 depending on funding. Schematic Design work is completed (2017).

Jon Drive - To be completed 2018

Hidden Creek Clean up - To be completed 2017

Stormwater Easement cleanout throughout the city along with drain and inlet and culvert replacement/repair is ongoing. 


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