Licensing & Permits

Online Licensing
Both dogs and cats four months of age or older are required to be licensed with the City of Bryant. Each pet to be licensed must have a current rabies vaccination, you can obtain a vaccination certificate from your veterinarian. The cost for a license is only $5.00 per animal per year. You have the option of purchasing up to a 3-year license, with a 3-year rabies vaccination.

Online pet licensing is coming soon.

You may purchase your pet’s license at any of the following locations:
Bryant Animal Control & Adoption Center
25700 Interstate 30 N
Bryant, AR

Reynolds Road Animal Clinic
2201 N. Reynolds Rd
Bryant, AR

Animal Family Practice
800 W. Commerce
Bryant, AR

Bryant Veterinary Clinic
23170 I-30 Access Rd
Bryant, AR

Just Moved to the Area from another State or Country?
We accept rabies certificates from out of state provided that they were issued by a veterinarian licensed in the state of issue. Rabies certificates issued from other countries may be accepted, provided the vaccine used is one on the list of Rabies vaccines approved for use in the United States according to most recently published Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control by the National Association of Public Health Veterinarians. Foreign rabies certificates will need to be presented in our office to purchase a license.

Wild Animal Permit
A Wild Animal Permit is required for anyone possessing certain species of wild animals and exotics as pets or for rehabilitation. Residents are required to obtain a permit, which requires an inspection of the enclosure, before obtaining the animal or bringing the animal into the City. The cost for a Wild Animal Permit is $100.00 annually per location. For more information about applying for a permit, contact us

Animal Establishment Permits
Animal Establishments are defined as pet stores, grooming and boarding facilities. Animal Establishments are required to obtain a permit, which requires an on-site inspection, before operating in the City of Bryant. The cost of the permit is $15.00 annually. To apply for a permit, please contact us.